Screening Process

The Screening Process

At La Mezquita, we start your journey with an essential screening process, which is particularly important now as direct bookings are temporarily disabled. This initial step involves a questionnaire that helps us understand your medical background, previous substance use, and your goals for the retreat. By doing this, we can tailor your experience to ensure it is both safe and perfectly suited to your needs. This careful preparation is key to providing you with a transformative psychedelic experience.

Screening Process Introduction at La Mezquita

Completing the Screening Process

Following the questionnaire, a 30-minute consultation with our team awaits, allowing you to delve into the retreat's methods and ask any questions. Post-consultation, you'll receive confirmation of your retreat acceptance. This comprehensive screening ensures that your experience at La Mezquita is both safe and deeply fulfilling.

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Completing the Screening Process at La Mezquita