Intentions expectations


It is important to maintain a healthy frame of mind before the retreat. Enjoying nature walks, meditating, exercising, painting, reading, and generally relaxing, is good practice in preparation for the time here. If some of these activities seem complicated or out of character to you, just focus on what comes naturally, don't try to force anything that doesn’t align with your true nature.

Healthy Frame of Mind


One of the important parts of getting the most out of your psychedelic weekend is setting achievable goals with intentions. You should try to become aware of these intentions, pay attention to them and embody them in the days leading up to the service. It is a good idea to try to identify negative behaviour patterns, habits and mental cycles based on concrete examples that you can use during and after the ceremony. Another important thing to remember is that the ceremony itself is only the beginning of the healing process.

Setting Intentions


With all the hype around psychedelics, people often come in with great expectations. We understand that psychedelics can be powerful medicines, and catalysts for change. However, fulfilling your life's path and becoming the person you need to be, is a life's work. It is the realizations that occur during the ceremony that can lead to lasting benefits. Please be patient and gentle with yourself, with your own process, and give yourself the time and space to fully integrate the information you receive during and after the ceremony.

Managing Expectations